Messages from Spirit

At every event and show, I get messages before I go on stage and regularly during meditations, and during quiet moments while sitting at my piano or in bed I will get visitations from Spirit who wish to get their messages across to you.

So I have created a space to post these messages so that more people can get the connection to their loved ones.  

With love,

Lisa xx

Red Bank, May 8, 2014 »

Pittsburgh, May 10, 2014

Brian - I had a heart attack and I want to send lots of love to my wife, she helped me through my cancer and held my hand at the end.  I am so thankful to her and my kids.  Thank you for always being there I love you.
Margaret - Thats my sister, can you let her and the family know I am ok.  I have the cats and also thank you for looking after the others.  I am ok and I’m sorry I forgot who you all were but I”m better know.  I love you.
Johan - Cn you say hi to my mom, I passed in a car accident and it happened so quickly.  I passed on the way to hospital.  My mom and dad were amazing people and they still are and I have to thank them for the trust that they set up to help others.  You are a blessing in other lives. 
Malcolm - I want to say hi to my son Jason and let him know I am always with him and thinking of him. Don’t worry about a thing I will take care of everything for you.  It will all become final soon. Love you


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