Messages from Spirit

At every event and show, I get messages before I go on stage and regularly during meditations, and during quiet moments while sitting at my piano or in bed I will get visitations from Spirit who wish to get their messages across to you.

So I have created a space to post these messages so that more people can get the connection to their loved ones.  

With love,

Lisa xx

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Red Bank, May 8, 2014

Michael - Hold on tight you are going for a ride.  Your father is showing me racing cars and speed and letting me know that he loves you and wants you to know he is happy!  Don’t change anything you are a star in the making. 
Tony - Your aunt is showing me that she wants to say hi to you and your mom.  Never forget that you are loved and you are her boy also. We shared you.  I love you so much and stay special, give your mom lots of love from me and don’t forget the flowers on mothers day!
Linda - your grandmother is coming through and showing me a rose petal bedspread, that she loved and you have also.  She is laughing as you worried about the jewelry but please don’t worry about a thing it’s fine.  I love you and don’t forget to smile. 


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